N-Com Ersatz Batterie B4 Communication System

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N-Com Ersatz Batterie B4 Communication System

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Nolan Replacement B4 Battery for N-COM B4 Communication System On Sale for 24,95 ?Designed specifically for the Nolan N104 helmet Allow the freedom to talk on a mobile phone, listen to music on an MP3 player or built-in FM radio, get directions from a GPS navigation system, connect to a bike-to-bike radio, connect to some bikes' existing audio systems or talk to a passenger via intercom FM radio features search function and six station pre-settings Telephone via Bluetooth®; answering, hanging up, voice commands, redialing the last number (for telephones that allow it), intercom/phone automatic management Automatic exclusion of intercom and of the connected audio source during a telephone conversation; automatic reconnection at the end of a phone call Conference call function: 3-way telephone call between pilot, passenger and caller "Rider/passenger" intercom via Bluetooth Bike-to-bike intercom via Bluetooth, up to 800 meters (in open field, with no obstacles) 4-bike intercom: one-to-one communication and bike-to-bike call function Bluetooth connection to A2DP MP3 players: Play, Pause, Stop, Skip directly from the helmet (AVRCP profile) Connection via Bluetooth to compatible satellite navigators: directions, MP3 music and mobile phone (for models that allow it) GPS "conference" function: pilot/passenger intercom active while the GPS is giving instructions Compatible via Bluetooth with all Bluetooth communication systems of the N-COM, X-Series and Multi lines Systems include high-quality audio speakers, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Bluetooth electronics, Bluetooth antenna, noise-dampening microphone, ergonomic control keyboard, micro USB connector and 3.5mm jack connector B4 USB/bike charger: USB to mini A cable, charges from USB port to mini A or motorcycle accessory outlet to mini A; includes universal motorcycle accessory outlet for bikes not so equipped B4 USB/110V charger: USB to mini A cable, charges from USB port to mini A or 110V outlet adapter to mini A Wireless keypad connects to communication systems B5 COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Features an auto on-off system Universal Intercom function allows for compatibility with other intercom system brands Connect up to two devices at once; FM radio, MP3 player, GPS and smart phones Maintain contact with other riders within 500 meters via Bluetooth Compatible with N-com app for iOS and Android Compatible with N104EVO, N104, N44, N40 and N40FULL helmets Easy installation takes only a few minutes

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