Ma*Fra 5 Five Trockenschmiermittel

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5FIVE is a multi-purpose dry synthetic-based lubricant that performs 5 specific functions and
is designed to offer the highest "performance" in engine environments: reactivates,
protects, cleans, degreases and lubricates.

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5FIVE is water repellent, deoxidizing and antistatic: the product is recommended to preserve
or restore the correct functionality of all electrical systems.
It does not create thicknesses, it eliminates the annoying squeaks that are sometimes present
in the parts subject to friction and is perfect to be used on the throttle cable and
on all the springs on the bike.
5FIVE not only dissolves any type of grease or tar,
it not only lubricates the parts subject to treatment,
but acts instantly forming a waterproofing barrier against water and any other external,
corrosive or non-corrosive agent.
Colorless, this revolutionary product does not stain and does not leave marks on the
treated parts and is respectful of the plastic and / or painted parts.

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